Edmonton | Foodie Scenes to Try

This is my Edmonton Foodie To-do List! With new places opening up nearly every week (lately), I am barely keeping up! Here’s what I’m dying to try: Breakfast/Brunch: Cafe Mosaics (Vegetarian/vegan on Whyte Ave) District Cafe & Bakery (Downtown) Cafe Linnea Canteen (Only on weekends on 124th Street) Little Brick Cafe/Coffee Shop: Lock Stock Coffee… Continue reading Edmonton | Foodie Scenes to Try

#YEGweekly | Brunch at Canteen

The trendy 124th Street is packed full of cool boutiques, foodie spots and cute coffee shops including the brunch hot spot, Canteen. It’s the causal little sister restaurant to the fine dining option, Red Ox Inn, which I have yet to try (but you can bet it’s on the list to-do). We decided to go for a spontaneous brunch, but… Continue reading #YEGweekly | Brunch at Canteen

My Travel Story So Far

You can think of this as running commentary of my life… I started this post as more of a reminder for myself (because we all know I have to catch up on a million posts – I’m getting there I promise!) but then I thought it could be a really cool guide for you guys.… Continue reading My Travel Story So Far

#YEGweekly | Lock Stock Coffee

Lock Stock Coffee has been my favourite coffee shop in Edmonton for most of the year that I’ve lived here. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram on any of my travels, you’ll know I’m a coffee addict. You’ll know that I’m at a coffee shop every chance I get, and instagramming every coffee I have. You’ll… Continue reading #YEGweekly | Lock Stock Coffee

Living Abroad | Why Barrhead, Alberta?

So this isn’t the usual exciting post about a holiday itinerary. It’s real talk about how  moving abroad has completely turned my life upside down. Having moved away from home at barely-eighteen, I thought I could easily do the move again, forgetting that the first year and a half of being at University without my… Continue reading Living Abroad | Why Barrhead, Alberta?

#YEGwinter | Ice Castles

Sometimes you’ve gotta just embrace winter. Which is obviously what the Ice Castles brainchild and ice-artist Brent Christensen did, when he invented this process whilst experimenting with winter activities for his children in the frontyard of their Utah home. #YEGwinter I’ve started yet another series, (Check out #YEGweekly too) one completely dedicated to what we can do during the winter.… Continue reading #YEGwinter | Ice Castles