Italy on Tour | Dinner in the Chianti Hills in Tuscany

Ever had dinner in the Chianti Hills? Well, you should. Chianti is located between Florence and Siena. I loved driving through the medieval towns and picturesque rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves, to reach our dinner destination, Ristorante I tre pini. We were welcomed with blue champagne (which looked odd but tasted great) and live… Continue reading Italy on Tour | Dinner in the Chianti Hills in Tuscany

Living Abroad | Why Barrhead, Alberta?

So this isn’t the usual exciting post about a holiday itinerary. It’s real talk about how  moving abroad has completely turned my life upside down. Having moved away from home at barely-eighteen, I thought I could easily do the move again, forgetting that the first year and a half of being at University without my… Continue reading Living Abroad | Why Barrhead, Alberta?

Durban | Oyster Box Hotel Review

I’ve grown up visiting the Oyster Box for coffees, breakfasts, afternoon teas, cocktails, spa days, almost everything you can think of but had never had the luxury of an overnight stay. What was the point? I lived up the road. I was a local. But every single time I strolled past along the promenade, I… Continue reading Durban | Oyster Box Hotel Review