Durban | Oyster Box Hotel Review

I’ve grown up visiting the Oyster Box for coffees, breakfasts, afternoon teas, cocktails, spa days, almost everything you can think of but had never had the luxury of an overnight stay. What was the point? I lived up the road. I was a local. But every single time I strolled past along the promenade, I… Continue reading Durban | Oyster Box Hotel Review

Cape Town | My Favourite Markets You Must Visit

This is the start of a blog series in which I give out all my tips for travelling to Cape Town. I did after all spend six years of my life there, and it is still one of my favourite cities in the world. That being said, brace yourself for all things Capetonian over the… Continue reading Cape Town | My Favourite Markets You Must Visit

Berlin | i31 Boutique Hotel Review

My process of booking a hotel is complex. It’s not just about one aspect such as price, location or comfort, but more of a combination. Booking our hotels for our most recent holiday to Europe was probably the most difficult. We were visiting three different countries in two weeks, which meant three different hotels. After… Continue reading Berlin | i31 Boutique Hotel Review