#YEGweekly | The 104th Downtown Market

I can’t believe this past weekend was the first time we checked this Downtown Market out, but it could be my new favourite.


My favourite finds:

While I do admit, the majority of the below are gluten-free indulgences! But there are two healthier options that balance the yummy things out, right?

#1: Moonshine Doughnuts

I was on a diet. I was kidding myself in thinking that I wouldn’t have tried all the yummy food I spotted at the Market. I did fail, every diet rule on this short visit to the Market. And it all started when I spotted these – gluten-free even! We grabbed a box of doughnuts (for $10) so quick that we didn’t even really take note of the flavours. BUT after trying them all (yup, all of them), I would say that creamed coconut is my favourite!

Btw, these doughnuts are so famous that everywhere we went in the city sporting this teeny box on our arm, people asked what today’s flavours were. Talk about causing a stir! These guys are also the creators of Doughnut Party, which we visited a few weeks ago here. Now, I just wish they’d bring the gluten-free doughnuts over there to that party too ;).

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#2: Boocha’s Kombucha

This is my favourite tasting kombucha so far – the peach one is my favourite! But they also have blueberry and cherry flavours. Do try it next time you’re at the Market. It’s also packed full of probiotics so it’s healthy too.

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#3: Bloom Cookie Co.

The only thing we tried, was the gluten-free option and my word, was it heavenly. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Go get that Black Forest Macaroon. This chewy and rich coconut macaroon is stuffed with tart cranberries and dark chocolate. Those flavours were spot on!

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#4: K & B Co.


So this is cheating. Kind of. Because this one merely happens to feature on the street, not specifically in the Market. But it’s one of my favourite places in the city and with summer coming up, it will probably be yours too. They make my favourite smoothies in the city and I’m there far too often!

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