Edmonton | Top 10 Coffee Shops

Do you even coffee if you haven’t been to any of these hotspots in Edmonton. I’m a coffee addict (/snob), so I reckon that qualifies me as a pretty good resource.

#1: Lock Stock Coffee // 10534 Jasper Ave.

My favourite by far – and it’s no secret – If I could spend every morning here, I’d be a happy girl. Read my blog post on our visit here.

#2: Transcend Coffee // 8708-109 St. 

I think Transcend was the first independent coffee shop I went to after arriving in Canada and it was such a relief. I honestly thought I was stuck with Starbucks or Tim Hortons before heading into the Garneau location for a cuppa heaven. #NotAtTimmysGirl

#3: Credo // 10134-104 St & 10350-124 St.

104 Street is one of my favourite streets. It houses other favourites like KB & Co and even the City Downtown Market (which I blogged about here), so this happens to be my favourite location.

#4: Coffee Bureau // 10505 Jasper Ave.

While it’s hard to really rank all the coffee shops, this might be my second favourite. They serve ACE Coffee (the same as Lock Stock). Read my blog post on our visit here.

#5: Little Brick Café & General Store // 10004-90 St. NW

#6: District Coffee Co. // #101, 10011-109 St.

This is the place in Dowtown Edmonton to get a healthy-ish, quick breakfast with your cup of joe. We’ve done it often! You should too Read my blog post on our visit here.

#7: Elm Café // 10140-117 St.

#8: Burrow Central Station // Central LRT Station

#9: Iconoklast Koffiehuis // 11807b-105 Ave. or 11523-100 Ave.

This spot has a special kind of place in my heart. It’s a koffiehuis (as in Coffee House in Afrikaans, one of the many national languages in South Africa). The coffee is great, the vibe is magic and you can sit down for a board game or two.

#10: Bru Coffee + Beerhouse // 11965 Jasper Ave NW

Ever been in the situation where a friend wants a beer, but you want a coffee. Well, it’s actually a common dilemma for me, so isn’t it nice that this spot offers you both! There food isn’t too bad either.


Your coffee-addict,




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