10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

#1: Stay Active while on Holiday

Craig and I usually start off exploring on foot. There are just some things you never get to see if you’re always on public transport and it’s a nice way to get to know your way around the city. When we’ve tracked our steps on these holidays like in Paris here, or Berlin here, we usually average around 16000 steps a day. It’s also great way to stretch after a long-haul flight to your destination where you’ve been sitting for hours on end!

But besides walking around, I’ve implemented this new target for each holiday to ensure I stay on track with my fitness goals as well as keep up some sort of routine. Every holiday, besides lots of walking, do something active. Some of my favourite ways to be more active on holidays include:

  • Hiking, like we’re planning to do in Santorini here.
  • Finding a yoga class
  • or just using the hotel gym like we did in Mexico, here.

We loved the fact that we could gym everyday, in our normal routine, that now we actually book hotels with gyms!

#2: Indulge, Only When It’s Worth It

When was it worth it, you might ask?

  • The High Tea at the Four Seasons in Paris.
  • Gelato in Italy.
  • Pretty much every restaurant on this blog post about eating in Downtown LA.

#3: But Still Eat Your Greens

My simple rule: Protein and greens goes a long way in ensuring you body feels balanced and healthy throughout the trip. Most restaurants are more than willing to accommodate your needs so don’t be afraid to ask for different things from the menu, or switch things around for different sides, with sauces on the side.

I stuck to this rule in Calgary on one of our usual foodie weekends, but this one less indulgent than the first. Check out the blog post here. While Craig had pizza, I had prawns with broccoli.

#4: Pack Your Own Snacks

Especially for the plane. The food on planes is usually less than enticing, and the food in airports is usually double the price. Rather come prepared.

Here’s what you can typically find in my travel bag:

  • Raw Almonds or cashews
  • Protein Bars or healthy dark chocolate
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Overnight oats (on local flights but unsure about international, unless you leave them dry)

What isn’t allowed on the plane (I’ve tried & failed): Yoghurt & Peanut butter.

#5: You Do NOT Have to Eat Out Every Meal

This is funny coming from me, because friends have often commented on whether we ever actually eat at home. But we do. A LOT. That’s why we enjoy the times when we do eat out. But when we travel, we do sometimes opt for a picnic of snack foods from the local grocer. This can be a huge help on your budget.

#6: BUT When You Do, Be Prepared & Make Smart Choices

Find a protein, a greens side-dish and a healthy carb (if you eat carbs that is). When you aren’t taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime-meal, then maker smarter choices. Trust me, it will be worth in the long-run.

You can also research in advance to find the local health spots, like we did in LA. We found the smoothie bar called Kreation Organic and grabbed a heathy smoothie as lunch one day.

#7: Go Easy On The Drinking

Liquid calories are brutal, plus a lot of cocktails are packed full of sugar, and usually aren’t even worth it. I say this, but if you follow our adventures, you know that we do indulge every now and then. I apply the same rule to food as I do to drinking: Only indulge when it’s worth it. So again, ask yourself, is this drink going to be worth it? How am I going to feel tomorrow? How much have I been drinking – too much maybe?

It was totally worth it on our visit to the Four Seasons in Paris, and Model Milk in Calgary on the blog here.

#8: Stay Hydrated

Everyone forgets this. Drink your water! When you’re so busy exploring, sometimes you forget to keep hydrated or you just don’t want to drag a bottle of water around with you. So be aware, every time you stop for a bite to eat, you drink that water too!

#9: Get Enough Sleep 

I am so stingy with my sleep time. I refuse to give up my sleep. If you’re female, you likely need at least 8 hours sleep a night to feel human. And if you aren’t getting it now, and you think you’re okay, it’s likely because you don’t know what it feels like to have proper sleep. Try it. Getting sufficient sleep allows for better food choices, better food satisfaction with less cravings. Sounds like a win-win to me.

#10: But Still Get Your Downtime

Downtime could mean taking an afternoon nap, resting in a park or on a beach. It could be spending the day at a spa. Or even reading a book. Whatever floats your boat. Find out what you need for your own downtime, and make sure you enforce it. You need that time to recoup, regroup and recover.

For us, we take advantage of those spa deals, or a cosy fireplace at our hotel. Comment below and tell me what you do!

Keeping healthy, but not travelling… yet,





4 thoughts on “10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

    1. Haha well I WISH I could eat and drink everything but I doubt that would work for me long-term 😉 Thank you for always checking in on the blog! Love having you here 🙂


  1. My fiancé and I literally had gelato every single day in Italy ( so 14 days of gelato haha) and we had the walking and the hiking to help balance that out. I agree 100% about packing your snacks! Great post overall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I did the EXACT same thing (except I was there for THREE WEEKS) HAHA! My husband hasn’t been to Italy yet, and he’s a total health-freak so it should be interesting to see how he resists the gelato when I take him! Hoping to go back next year! 🙂


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