Round Up | April 2017

So… it’s been one of those months (again), where I haven’t even been able to touch the blog. I know, what kind of blog is this really? Well that’s the problem when you take on too much. Exams are two weeks away and I even feel guilty taking a few minutes to write this blog but I do owe you all a catch up (never mind the backlog of blog posts due).

Blogging just isn’t happening right now. 

I may or may not be pretty distracted with studying, life, and then our continuous travelling we seem to be doing. I feel like it was just the other day that I was moaning about how bored I was, and how much I wanted to travel. Well, believe it or not. I’m kind of wishing for the complete opposite now: to calm down. I want routine and a little more study time than I’ve had recently.

That being said, we cancelled Canmore this weekend (Insert bittersweetness). I am glad that I’ll have the weekend to focus on studying, but I am sad I’ll be missing the Wine Festival this weekend.


BUT great news! I have FOUR Uncorked Sunday Brunch tickets up for grabs! All you have to do to enter is:

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Mexico, Los Angeles, Calgary, & Jasper. I know. Way to pack it all into ONE MONTH.

These trips all deserve their own blog posts but here are some sneak peaks:

Mexico, you beauty.

This was a spontaneous, last-minute trip which we booked just after we received our PR cards. It was so good for the soul and I am already planning our return.

Los Angeles, you are more than I expected. 

We were barely back from Mexico, when we jetted off to California. All I can say is WOW. We only touched the surface of this beautiful city (slash state) and I can officially add this to my list of cities I would return to – along with my others on this post here. We also obviously went to Universal Studios to get our Harry Potter on – SO. WORTH. IT.

Calgary, to fetch our new baby.

We only really went to Calgary to fetch our newest family member, Oliver. And we are obsessed with him. No really. We cannot stop. We just love him SO much. So my social media is being dominated by this gorgeous thing.

Craig’s birthday & his dad came to visit!

We returned to Uccellino for a follow up to our favourite meal ever (blog post here). And we weren’t disappointed. We also stopped by for our favourite breakfast at Cafe Linnea too (kind of our usual, with blog posts here).

Craig’s dad only visited for a week but we checked out a few spots while he was here, like Have Mercy. To be completely honest, we only stopped in here because El Cortez was closed but I am kind of glad, because who knows when we would have tried out this undercover gem. While the place appears a little grubby and worn, I think it was the look that they were going for. Nonetheless, all the food we had was amazing. The ribs – the ribs were fantastic!

We also stopped in at MKT Beer Market afterwards and I tried my first beer EVER (Gluten-free of course). And it wasn’t even that bad.


JASPER! For some south africa time!

This was also kind of spontaneous. Craig had been asked to join some South Africans from Edson in playing a game of sevens rugby in Jasper and we eventually decided that we should do it – and I am so glad that we did!

HIGHLIGHTS: Gees where to start…

  • Getting Oliver. He’s been such a presence in our lives the past two weeks and now I’m not sure how we managed life without him. He makes cuddles that much better,
  • Mexico. You were the best spent money in a long time. No really. After 7 months of winter, the sun in Mexico made me feel like a new person.
  • Universal Studios to go to Harry Potter World.
  • The food in LA. My word. Wait for the blog posts.
  • Spending time with Craig’s dad.
  • Meeting new people (more South Africans).


  • Again, not blogging enough. After this set of exams, I really hope to manage time a bit better.
  • NONE. Guess you can call this an amazing month! Blessed.


Well, I’ll be coming face-to-face with my first set of exams since I graduated. And I’ll be relieved to see the back of them too. Besides that, we’re hoping to get a little more settled into routine back home and try being “home-bods” this month. While this seems like a good idea at the moment, I’m sure my cabin-fever will flare up again as usual and I’ll be begging for a jam-packed schedule once again.

But until then, we will just be studying, cuddling with Oliver, catching up on a million blog posts, and getting the garden ready for summer fun.

P.S. Check out my updated travel story so far here. Let me know where I should visit next or tell me about you experiences at any of the places I’ve been to! I would love to hear!


Hopefully, blog soon!






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