Edmonton | Foodie Scenes to Try

This is my Edmonton Foodie To-do List! With new places opening up nearly every week (lately), I am barely keeping up! Here’s what I’m dying to try:


Cafe/Coffee Shop:

  • Lock Stock Coffee (Downtown Jasper Ave)
  • Coffee Bureau (Downtown Jasper Ave, opposite Lock Stock)
  • Farrow (Sandwiches near Whyte Ave/Garneau)
  • Da Capo (Quick snack near Whyte Ave/Garneau)
  • District Cafe & Bakery (Downtown)
  • Duchess Bake Shop (124th Street)
  • Iconoclast Coffee

Baked goods & Treats:

  • Duchess Bake Shop (124th Street)
  • Bon Ton Bakery (Deli Shop on 149th Street)
  • Doughnut Party / Moonshine Doughnuts (119th Street, closed Sundays & Mondays)
  • Reinette Cafe & Patisserie
  • Cafe Bicyclette


  • Farrow (Sandwiches near Whyte Ave/Garneau)
  • KB & Co (Health/Smoothies on 104th Street, off Jasper Ave)
  • The Local Omnivore (Near Cafe Linnea)
  • The Marc (Downtown)
  • Elm Cafe


  • Uccellino (Italian on Jasper Ave)
  • El Cortez (Mexican on Whyte Ave)
  • Rostizado (Mexican on 104 street off Jasper Ave)
  • Guru (For Indian on the West End)
  • XIX Nineteen (St Albert)
  • Chartier
  • Rge Road
  • Woodwork (Off Jasper Ave)
  • Three Boars Eatery (Garneau near Whyte Ave)
  • Solstice Seasonal Cuisine (124th Street)
  • Hardware Grill (Jasper Ave)
  • Corso 32 (Jasper Ave)
  • Red Ox Inn (91 Street)
  • Tzin Wine & Tapas (Downtown off Jasper, 104th Street)

Best To Go:

  • Love Pizza (Off Jasper Ave)
  • Seoul Fried Chicken


  • Baiju (New Cocktail Bar by Mercer Tavern, Downtown)
  • North 53
  • Woodwork (Off Jasper Ave)
  • Bar Clementine
  • Have Mercy
  • Bar Bricco (Jasper Ave)



Any suggestions? Please comment below! I’d love to hear!

Eating my way through Edmonton,




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