Round Up | February 2017

February was far too short. I feel like I wrote the January Round Up just a few days ago! Nonetheless, we still got so much done this month. While we kept it pretty local, we got away for a night or two!


I haven’t yet caught up on most of our travels (as you can see from our travel summary here). But I did catch up on our 5 day trip to Paris in September last year – which took quite a while to write!  If you haven’t checked that out yet, then you should. It goes into depth on what we did on each of our days on our second visit to the city of love and it can give you some good ideas about what you should include on your dream trip to Paris. Let’s face it, this city is on most people’s bucket-list. And, as I said on my blog post about which cities I would return to: Paris nearly topped the list.

I started two new series too!

#ItalyonTour recapping my Trafalgar Tour around Italy in 2012. So far I’ve blogged about Rome, Venice & Tuscany!

It was 6 weeks to Los Angeles this last Saturday so I started a new series #6weekstoLA in a bid to get Venice Beach ready in that time. I’m a health freak so it was bound to come out on the blog sometime. Who knows, you all might enjoy watching me torture myself into a bikini. And so, a new category arises: Health & Fitness.


Uccellino is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Edmonton. Check out the blog post here. I cannot wait to return!


I wrote a post all about why we use Airbnb here. Sign up here to receive $61 travel credit from me off your first stay! 🙂 How’s that saving!


Check out the blog post here! It was a spontaneous visit, we booked on Friday night and packed the car Saturday morning. Sometimes you just gotta live in the moment and do it. So many times we don’t make plans and go on adventures – but trust me, time won’t stop for you, nor will it give you a wake up call all those times you should have just taken advantage of it. Do something spontaneous – you won’t regret it.

  • Our dinner date at Uccellino. Check it out above. Seriously. I’m still dreaming about that chocolate dessert.
  • Our night in Calgary. Check it out above.
  • I got so much love on social media. The Champagne Daily re-posted my Reims post (Hello to all my French readers). The post was also re-pinned a few times on Pinterest. So if you haven’t yet, PIN the picture below.


  • Booked tickets for the Wine Festival & Big Brunch at Canmore Uncorked Wine Festival in May. SO excited for this one!
  • Fount out very depressing news (on a personal note) that I have to complete nine more exams in Canada, before I can work as a lawyer in a firm. So, I am back in study-mode, trying to balance blogging, working out and dominating these exams. That means, if the blog posts slow down, the books are piling up.

A weekend visit to Winnipeg is coming up mid-March. Craig’s sister and her step-dad are in Canada for business so we’re planning to visit old Winter-peg and explore a new city.  If you have any suggestions on what to do – let me know!

Other than that, it’s going to be rather quiet, with me being back to studying! Anyone else suffering from cabin fever and way too much reading to do?

Bye for now!




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