Italy on Tour | Venice in Photos

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Venice, funny enough, wasn’t it was all cracked up to be – granted, we were hot, feet sore, budget tight & we could not avoid queues or crowds wherever we went. I truly believe that I need to return to fully make up my mind about this city, but here are some tips for when you go:

#1 Tip: Do NOT go in peak season! That is June, July & August. Not only will it save you money, but it will be way more enjoyable with less crowds & bearable temperatures.

#2 Tip: Stay on the island of Venice. On the tour, we didn’t & I think that might be one of the reasons Venice lost it’s magic for me. I really can’t wait to return to stay on Venice & be able to look out onto the canals from my hotel. Obviously, this isn’t exactly a budget-friendly tip. That being said, you could opt for a Bnb, Guesthouse or even an Airbnb.

#3 Tip: Definitely do a Gondola Ride. We did it, & it was legitimately my favourite part of the Venice trip. Not only did we get to rest our feet a bit, we saw more than we did on foot. But beware, they do come at a price. Agree on a price before the ride! Additionally, I would research prices beforehand to know exactly what you’re in for.

#4 Tip: In general, don’t get sucked into the popular plaza (tourist trap) restaurants, especially in St Marks Square. These are generally, overpriced, low-quality meal options & definitely not worth your Euros! But if you’re saving for a gondola ride, bring a packed lunch instead & picnic along a quiet canal. Restaurants have surcharges & you can rack up a pretty nasty bill for nothing.

#5 Tip: Head to the outer islands (Burano or Murano) on day trips like we did below.

We also learnt all about the Italians & their hand gestures! So we took a picture below. 1st from the Left: “Delicious!”; “You’ve seen something you like!”; “what are you talking about”; & sadly, I cant remember the last one!


Island of Burano:

Believe or not, we were very happy to leave Venice! In June, the crowds are crazy and the heat is real. It was nice to relocate to a nearby island in the Venetian Lagoon, called Burano, that was much less crowded!

Needless to say, had we not been on the Tour, I’m not sure we would have found this hidden gem. It’s a stunning day (or half day trip) from Venice & it’s incredibly picturesque as you can see below. Burano is packed full of brightly coloured houses that make for amazing photos.

We took time on the island to grab lunch and you should too – but order seafood! Being a fisherman island, the seafood is super-fresh! While we didn’t eat here, everyone recommends: Al Gatto Nero Da Ruggero.

Found out about the vaporetto lines which run from Venice to Burano: the 12. The express ferry runs from Venice’s San Zaccaria stop (near St. Mark’s), to Burano as well as Murano. It takes about 45 minutes, and costs €6.50 per person.



Here’s a picture of some of the people on our Trafalgar Tour through Italy. 




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