Italy on Tour | Rome in Photos

In a bid to cover all the places I’ve been, here’s a start on our Splendors of Italy Tour with Trafalgar. While tours aren’t for everyone, at the end of this series I’ll post the pros and cons about our visit to Italy with Trafalgar. Hopefully, it can show you some exciting places to visit in Italy, but also give you an idea whether a bus tour like Trafalgar is the right fit for you.

Day 1 & 2: Rome

We had full days of walking around the city, so when you do a tour like this – be prepared for it! Bring the best walking shoes you can find. The only thing we didn’t do in Rome were the Spanish Steps. So keep that in mind, when planning your visit!


I love this area. I wish we had more time to roam this area but when we go back, I’m planning to spend lots of time here. The cobbled streets in between the old buildings adds to the vibe of the place. As part of the tour, we had dinner in a traditional trattoria that all the locals love. And I really suggest you check out some of the local spots to eat.

St Peter’s Square & the Sistine Chapel


The benefit of being on a tour like Trafalgar is that we did not wait in one queue! And trust me, in peak season (June), it is a BIG benefit. The queues seem to go on forever for the main tourist attractions.


The Colosseum
The Pantheon:
Walking through the Streets & Dinner in Piazza Navona
The Trevi Fountain


The legend is that throwing a coin, over your left shoulder, into the fountain will guarantee that you’ll return to the Eternal City. If you throw in a second coin, you will not only get you a return trip to Rome, but also return to an exciting new romance.


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