Vancouver | Bucket-list

Craig and I spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Vancouver, purely to get our Schengen visas (the struggle of being a South African that loves traveling). It was far too short to get a proper feel of the city, so I am basically already dreaming about our return. There are a few things that I definitely want to do:

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Photo cred: Gabriel Santiago

The suspension bridge runs 140 meters long, 70 meters above the Capilano river and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in British Columbia. The sweeping panoramic views (and resultant Instagram pictures) make this a must-do in my view.

TIP: You can buy tickets online and avoid queues.

Granville Island

This post got me all excited to visit this tourist attraction. But really I only need one reason to visit this place. Market. Yes, I’m a market-freak. I love them, and I cannot wait to check out their Public Market on the island.

Visit Net Loft too: they have a cute stationery store, a kitchenware store plus a cafe. All right up my alley.

Here’s an online map or Google Maps to plan your trip.

TIP: Some Granville Island Public Market Vendors do accept credit cards, but many places have “minimum spends” and a few vendors are cash-only. Like I always recommend, bring cash to a market to be safe. There are some other helpful tips found here.

Stanley Park

We only really touched the surface of this park on our last visit (here), so I hope next time we spend a bit more time here. Possibly even break a sweat on a walk along the Seawall?

TIP: If you visit the park over Christmas, you can ride the Bright Nights Christmas Train and see beautiful lights throughout the park.

Added TIP: Queen Elizabeth Park is another beautiful park to visit.

Sea to Sky Gondola

While I’m unsure Craig will be keen on this (it’s not for people with a fear of heights), it looks like an incredible experience from photos I’ve seen. But maybe I could just cover his eyes for the gondola ride, which only takes about 12 minutes. For more info, check the site here.

Admission costs $39.95 for adults (with a $2 discount if you pre-purchase online here).

P.S. If you need anymore motivation to put Vancouver on your list to-do, check out Vanity’s Instagram here.

Got any other suggestions about what to do in Vancouver? Let me know! Comment below. I’d love to hear all about it!

But for now, still in Edmonton,




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