Vancouver | In 24 Hours

I thought that in the name of #CanadianFlag Day (a few days late), I would post about our quick visit to another (well-known) Canadian city, Vancouver.

We’re not in the habit of flying in and out of cities, but sometimes life happens, and we just need to. In this case, we had to fly in for our Schengan Visas for our Europe trip in 2014 – that’s when we visited Potsdam, Berlin, Paris (for the second time, here) and Amsterdam.

{I have to apologise in advance for the lack of photos. This trip was done camera-less, and I’m hoping to re-do it all with my new Canon toy because Vancouver is honestly beautiful. For now, you’ll have to deal with Instagram snapshots of the 24 hour visit!}


Photo by: Gabriel Santiago


We took the Skytrain at the airport all the way to the Waterfront, and walked 5 minutes to our apartment. It was super easy and convenient. We used the Skytrain to return to the airport the next day too, without a hassle. But the rest of the time, we walked and walked and walked. Granted, we stayed within the Gastown-Downtown-Waterfront area, I still loved the fact that we could explore on foot.

Check-in to accommodation:

Usually on our quicker visits, we just book in at an Airbnb (see my post on staying at Airbnbs here). When we are on a fly-by visit, I usually cannot justify the luxury of a hotel room. Plus, it leaves you with a few extra dollars for trying new things in the city.

We found an apartment in Gastown and it was perfect for a quick overnight stay, just to rest our heads for a few hours. I didn’t know much about the areas in Vancouver, but it was close enough to walk everywhere we needed to go (which is what we prefer to do when travelling).


We made dinner reservations at Hawksworth, after a friend recommended we try it – and it was incredible (and expensive – but totally worth it)! So was that bottle of Riesling.

Morning coffee (obviously):

Revolver Coffee was where we stopped off for our morning coffee on our way to our visa appointments by the Waterfront (at Canada Place).

Life 🙌 ☕️ + 🌎 + 🚶🏻= ❤️


Breakfast (late breakfast):

While, we were originally heading for Jam Cafe, we saw the queue and decided to head next door to Chambar. We were only in Vancouver for a few hours, and couldn’t justify sitting in a queue for an hour just for food. However, next time, we’ll be heading to Jam Cafe bright and early! [Hopefully, with no other visas needed and appointments to be met].

Walk through Gastown:

The streets were pretty full with tourists (even on a Monday), but it was the perfect area to stroll through. There are so many cute little boutique stores to pop into, so definitely check it out. I really loved it!



We were dying for seafood, and more specifically sushi, while we were visiting the coast. Everyone recommended Miku, a Japanese restaurant right by the Waterfront. While it wasn’t exactly my all-time favourite sushi, it hit the spot.


A Treat:

We stopped in at Bella Gelateria for post-sushi dessert, just a few blocks away from Miku (towards Stanley Park). There was a bit of a queue but it was going rather quickly so we weren’t too worried about waiting a bit for gelato. Also, all their awards plastered across the restaurant made it seem like it was gelato you wouldn’t want to miss out on. That’s not even considering the amazing and unique flavours they have on offer. As a result, we entered the queue with the idea that we were only going to get one scoop each and instead, we left with THREE EACH. And we ate it all.

Sidenote: Do people in Vancouver actually work? It was a Monday and we encountered at least three places with queues of people waiting to be served. SO ODD! You’d expect that on weekends, but this city was bustling even on a Monday.

Afternoon by the Waters:

I miss the water so much! Having grown up in Durban, along the beach, with incredible sea-views, you only really realise how much you miss it when you move to a landlocked city like Edmonton.

It was an incredible sunny day in August and we spent the remainder of our afternoon lounging in the sun near the Promenade (towards Stanley Park).


And then HOMETIME! Short and sweet, but that was our trip!

There is so much more on my list to-do in Vancouver, so stick around for my bucket-list post specifically on Vancouver things to do. Hopefully, I’ll knock a few off the list this year!

If you have any suggestions, please comment below! I’d love to hear you ideas.

But for now, I’ll be blogging about Edmonton life.

Dreaming of my Vancity-bucketlist,




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