5 Cities I Would Return To


I am the type of person that has to try somewhere new every time we go out to eat, or travel somewhere. Craig, on the other hand, can quite happily go back to the same place, knowing they’re a safe choice offering what he likes. Cities, compared to restaurants, have to been out of this world to really want to make me pay for those flights over and over again, but yet, some just stand out. Just like these:

#1: Cape Town


Okay, maybe I am biased. I spent six years of my twenties here, so it was a good time. It’s also kind of ‘home’ so it does have that appeal. But Cape Town has topped travel lists consistently the past few years, and if you ever visit, you’ll see why! Not to mention, there’s more than just the city of Cape Town. The surrounding winelands are a must for your itinerary. Check out Franschhoek and Stellenbosch and extend your stay for a night or two.

#2: Paris

Most people are let down by their Paris experience, finding it to be unlike their imaginary picturesque, romantic city. But that wasn’t the case with us. We fell more in love, and we have been twice now! Here, and here. (And would still go back!). I think the key is to try everything! Do things that locals do. Get lost and stroll around quaint areas instead of waiting in long queues to visit tourist traps.

#3: Rome (Italy as a whole really)


I felt like I did Rome ‘wrong’ the first time, because it was so rushed and it was on an organised tour. And to be honest, I’m not really an organised tour kind of person (but it did have it’s benefits at the time). That being said, I’d love to go back to explore with Craig. I can only describe Italy as authentic, in every possible way. And if you love old Roman architecture, cobbled streets and cultural buzz, then you’ll want to keep returning too – even if it’s a stop off for a night or two on your way to a new little town like Verona, or onto the Amalfi Coast for some days in the sun.

Check out the #ItalyonTour Series here to see my recap of the tour in photos.

#4: Reims

We loved our spontaneous day trip to Reims from Paris (see the blog post here) and we’ve spoken about returning ever since for at least a night or two. It will be a champagne, foodie getaway deluxe! The thing I love about this city is that many people don’t even know about it.

#5: Calgary

This happens to be our surprise next stop. Yes, tomorrow morning we pack the car and head for the south! We’ve been here twice already, and I have a feeling it will be a regular quick weekend getaway – as it should be for all Edmontonians. Stay tuned for the next blog post on our visit. Let’s hope we don’t spend the whole time eating like we did that one time.



Which cities would you return to? I’d love to know! Comment with your blog post links below too!

Getting ready for Calgary,




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