#YEGweekly | Lock Stock Coffee

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Lock Stock Coffee has been my favourite coffee shop in Edmonton for most of the year that I’ve lived here. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram on any of my travels, you’ll know I’m a coffee addict. You’ll know that I’m at a coffee shop every chance I get, and instagramming every coffee I have. You’ll probably also be sick of my instagramming coffee by now, and while I’m not likely to slow down on my love for coffee, you can rest assured that I know a good cup when I taste it. And Lock Stock’s got a greeaaaat cup!


Located in a little basement space, attached to a pub, Lock Stock is a cosy little spot for a cafe. Craig and I both love the industrial feel with it’s red brick exposed wall and iron windows, it’s totally my vibe on a dark, grey morning. My favourite, a Cortado or a Flat White, is always made so perfectly. Sometimes, I even have two!

While I’ve never personally tried a baked goodie from Lock Stock, they’re always beautifully displayed and tauntingly so. If you’re not gluten-free, don’t even try resist. I hear their scones are up there with Duchess (a high standard to beat). Reading Baconhound’s blog on his scone-tasting had me salivating, and wishing my gluten-intolerances away. If I were you, I would get a scone with that coffee.

Check out Lock Stock on their Instagram account, here.

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And I thought I might just hint at what’s in store for future a #YEGweekly. We have finally booked at Uccellino for tomorrow night, when we stay over in the city (at an Airbnb, check out the blog post here). The reviews about this place have got me SO excited.



Drinking coffee as we speak,




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