Travel Goals for 2017

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If you haven’t already read what we got up to in 2016, here’s the summary. It was a year I felt somewhat unsure about, not really appreciating the travels we did experience, because most of the year was spent figuring out my role in my new town, and country, after moving to Canada. More and more, I have realised how lucky I really was. Yes, I didn’t travel like a full-time travel blogger (shout out to all you amazing humans) but I did do a lot. A lot in terms of being unemployed, unsettled in a new country having just immigrated and not really being in the ‘take the bull by it’s horns’ kind of attitude.

In true New Year fashion, I wrote a goal list. Not as elaborate as the one below, but enough to set me off on ambitious path in the new year (with a much better attitude I might add). I believe in having a vision board, in having dreams, even ones that seem unobtainable. I believe in putting these dreams out there in the universe and seeing what it throws back at me. So in saying all that, this list is not set in stone. Nor will I feel like a ‘failure’ if I don’t managed to tick each one off. It’s a guide to ensure that I take advantage of the next year as much I can. And hopefully, it inspires you to make a list too!

# 1: A Beach Holiday


Craig and I always said a beach holiday would be every alternate holiday to ensure we get equal chill, relaxed holidays to cultural, busy holidays. Four years later, and we have only managed ONE beach holiday out of the lot. Having now been through TWO Canadian Winters, I can safely say that I’ll be needing a beach holiday soon! At this rate, I don’t even have any preferences. Just give me beach sand, turquoise water and maybe a fresh cocktail in a coconut.

# 2: Somewhere New in Canada

We haven’t done much in Canada, so this goal won’t be too hard to achieve. But it’s something I really want to embrace, so the more new places, the better. I have a few that top the list, like Victoria; Whistler and Toronto, but we will see which cities pop up on our radar over the next few months.

# 3: Go Camping 


While I’d pick a 5 star hotel over camping any day, I kind of feel this is just something I have to try (at least and if only) once. I’m not saying I’ll love it, but I’ll be a happy camper for the stay… as long as there is good coffee and a fire.

# 4: New York in the Fall

NYC has been on our to-do list forever! Like seriously, we’ve been talking about it for years. It was up there on our list with Paris, and we’ve somehow managed to go there twice already! Now we are ready with American visas in hand, dying to explore the USA every chance we get. They are, after all, our neighbours.

# 5: Visit Home (South Africa)


I am homesick, if it wasn’t that obvious already. I need some time in a familiar space, with familiar accents, and familiar people. I’m planning to spend days in my favourite coffee shops, evenings braai-ing with mates and enjoying every bit of home that I can. And I’d like to blog as much as I can while I’m there, to encourage everyone reading to come visit this incredible country of mine!

# 6: Go on a Safari

I know, I would doubt whether I was South African too if I hadn’t safari-d before. But I have, I just can’t really remember it. I’d love to go to one with Craig and enjoy it as ‘tourists’. Because, let’s be real, you’re going to pay tourist prices to stay at some of the best safari lodges in the country! And that’s when it pays to be earning Canadian Dollar.

# 7: Do London properly 

So, we’ve been to the UK twice in the past three years. Both times, we secluded ourselves in a cosy little cottage in the Cotswolds. I know right, life’s tough. This time though, while I dread London traffic and chaos, I want to venture back into central town to fully tick it off my list. Possibly return to Camden Town for a little longer than a lunch date this time.

# 8: Stay in a Castle in Scotland/Wales

Craig and I figured that if we’re going to the UK for the third time together, we nee dot do something different. Something extra (not that the Cotswolds isn’t sufficient for me). We’d love to travel North and see Wales and Scotland. It’s never really been high on my list to-do, but it’s yet another “while we’re there, we might as well” trip. That being said, anyone with suggestions or recommendations, pretty please comment! I’m dying to start planning.

# 9: Los Angeles


I feel like this one is cheating because it’s technically already booked. Yes, we’re going to LA in April! And I am so blady excited, it’s scary. We’re also going with our friends from the city, so this counts as one of my 30 before 30 bucket-list items: “Travel with another couple”. GOAL ACHIEVED. #winningat2017already

# 10: Something European

Well this is just being a little cheeky. With all the above on my list to-do this year, could I really expect a sneaky European holiday? Yes, it might be wishful thinking but if you never dream, you will never achieve anything. So, I’ll keep visualising cobbled streets and Roman architecture and I’ll let you know how strong the law of attraction is.

If you have absolutely ANY suggestions on any of the above or any other possible travel goals, please be sure to comment below. I’d love to see what you have on your list and if you’ve been to any of the above.

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Dreaming of new destinations,




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