Round Up | January 2017

This month has truly flown by. This year I had wanted to start on a positive note (but don’t we all?) and upon reflection, all in all, it really was a good month and start to the year. While we didn’t travel (insert sad face), we did a lot and explored new places in the city.

I turned 25. 

And I won’t lie, in the weeks leading up to the day I may have been suffering from a mild quarter-century life-crisis. For the full 24 years prior to the big 2-5, I had always had something to show for each year. This past year, however, wasn’t my best show. Maybe the freak out occurred because I wasn’t technically “on track” in terms of life goals (mainly my career) or maybe it was just because I would be spending another lonely birthday without my friends and family back home (it really wasn’t that lonely). Whatever the reason for the mild freak out, I woke up on my birthday excited for the day, and year to come. Turning 25 wasn’t that scary anymore and I realised that in a few years, when I hit the big 3-0, I’ll be wishing for my twenties back. So, embrace the days, the years and the twenty-something birthdays, because before you know it, they’ll be gone and you will have a real life-crisis on your hands!

This epiphany has also led me to writing down goals and creating vision boards. To make sure I don’t fall into anymore life-crisis traps around major birthdays, I am preparing for the big 3-0 in the only way I know how. To write a bucket list, 30 things before I’m 30. Check it out here.

I blogged a lot. 

What’s that saying, go big or go home? Yup, life motto. It’s been a full time blog month with blog posts out almost every day. I figured if I was going to take advantage of this year and make this blog something worth reading, I have to put in the effort. Here’s hoping I keep it up and you guys don’t get sick of me.

I started two new blog series: #YEGweekly & a blog series on Cape Town to eventually create the ultimate travel guide for anyone visiting this city. So if you’re interested, keep checking back for these posts!

We tried a few new places in Edmonton.

I believe in acting like a tourist in your own city. I did it in Durban, Cape Town and now we’re doing it in Edmonton too. We found a new coffee spot in Edmonton, Coffee Bureau, right opposite the street to our favourite coffee shop, Lock Stock. We explored the YEG Ice Castles in Hawrelak Park, like kids! We also found District Cafe & Bakery and have been back twice for a quickie breakfast and coffee in the city.

  • My birthday. Craig spoilt me with my new camera and I am so in love with it.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you would have realised that Craig and I woke up very late last week regarding weekend plans/reservations. Thursday night in bed, we sat there panicked about not having a place to go to on Friday evening. So panicked, that we booked THREE reservations at THREE different places: 6:30; 8:30 and 10 pm respectively. It was all a big laugh, but at the end of it we only made it two out of three. We cancelled the last booking, but still had a great night, restaurant-hopping.
  • The Ice Castles was really one for the books too. I mean how many people get to explore an ice castle in their lifetime? It hadn’t been on my bucket-list before, but now I feel like the photos show off a bucket-list worthy visit. You should do it too before they melt!
  • I found a gluten-freebie heaven. Along Whyte Ave near the Blush Lane Organics side, tucked in a little mall was Gluten Free Diner. It’s no longer an actual diner, but they have a little shop full of goodies that taste unlike anything gluten-free you’ve ever tried. I can attest to the custard-filled donuts and the oreo cupcakes. They are divine!!!
  • A slightly healthier option, we found kb & Co, just off Jasper Ave, and I fell in love. Is it weird that I want to go there for smoothies even in the dead of winter? Try the Cookies & Cream, you’ll be addicted too.
Exploring 104 Street in Edmonton.
  • The past few days, it has been difficult to blog with all that is going on in the world. It’s just surreal that this the world we live in now. With so much hate and tension. Sometimes travelling cannot even make one feel better, or distract them from the realities that we all face (but some more than others)
  • Craig and I popped in at Malt and Mortar on Whyte Ave for a quick lunch. It was by far, the worst meal I have ever had in Edmonton. I say that with a heavy heart because the decor, vibe and location would have made for a very popular spot for us. I doubt we’ll go back.
What’s next?

A lot more blogging, and a lot more exploring. Again, there are no set plans. This year has really started slow and slightly disorganised. But who knows what will pop up!

Still blogging, 




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