Bucket-List | My 30 by 30

# 1 Take a spontaneous (overseas) trip somewhere, but also just be more spontaneous in general: Catching a last-minute flight to a random destination might be a starting point for a serious adventure. Being South African, it’s been difficult for us to plan anything spontaneously as we always need visas. That’s where the Canadian passports step in to make life a little easier for us!

# 2 Finally visit the Big Apple: This has been on our list forever! But I imagine walking through Central Park in the Fall. Also, seeing a Show on Broadway! I am currently working on my bucket-list for this city – keep a look out for it on the blog!

# 3 Spend a night camping under the stars: I have a feeling that Jasper Dark Sky Festival might just be great for this. If you didn’t already know, I am slightly obsessed with the sky.

# 4 Go on a magical holiday to Bali: It’s been on my bucket-list forever, but this trendy holiday spot is something I want to do in my twenties, with Craig. It looks like one big party. I want to spend my days on the beach, tanning, doing yoga and learning to surf and evenings at the vibey beach bars meeting new people!

# 5 Learn to ski or ice skate (or both): You’re in the physical prime of you life, learn something athletic! Also, go snowmobiling! Basically embrace the Winter. You’ll have to be in it a lot now.

# 6 Go on a girls getaway: Being across the world from most of my really close friends, you realise the importance of that time with them. Also, I never did the obligatory Contiki trip with a mate around Europe in varsity. I guess it’s never too late right?

# 7 Try a cooking class in a different country: In your 30s and later, there will undoubtedly come a time when you’re forced to entertain, so start polishing those culinary skills now, and you’ll be a star soon enough.

# 8 Go on an epic road trip: Either in the US or in Canada – I feel like these would be considered epic. Provisional plans to do Route 66 in 2017.

# 9 Pull all-nighters: This is plural because I do hope we manage at least more than one in the next 5 years. Basically, this is just symbolic of the idea that I hope I will still act like I am in my twenties for the next 5 years. Stop taking life so seriously and enjoy those all-nighters now, before we can’t have them anymore.

# 10 Vegas baby, Vegas: This is similar to the above. Let’s party “Hangover” style. Maybe this is one to do with friends too?

# 11 Do something out of my comfort zone: 

# 12 Stay in a Castle: This is one for Craig (plus going to a Medieval-themed festival). You can imagine he is a fantasy geek of course, and I am the supportive wife who will fully embrace her costume as long she is the Queen.

# 13 Volunteer Somewhere & Make a Difference: As cliché as it is, it really is something for my bucket-list, (pre-kids for sure). I want to know I have used at least some of my time towards something good. Especially, with so much going wrong around us.

# 14 Have a Home Worthy of a Magazine Write-up: Ambitious I know. But what’s the point of a bucket-list without any really cool goals? Even the ones you think can’t happen. This going to take a while, considering our house is still rather empty but it’s a long-term goal. And that includes the garden, this Summer I’ll be in that garden errryday.

# 15 Go to an Ellen Show: Ellen is the best! I love her show and I’m pretty sure Craig only got me DSTV (cable with extra tv channels) just so I can watch Ellen. You can apply for tickets here. (EDIT: I totally ‘applied’ for tickets for when we went to LA in April 2017 & never heard back 😦 BUT not planning on giving up! We will just have to keep returning to LA. Ellen, you’re making good money for LA’s tourism!)

# 16 Go on an African Safari: Now this is a bit weird coming from a South African (who’s technically been on one) but I want to do it like a tourist. For like a week. At a reeeeaaallly luxurious lodge.

# 17 Go Wine-tasting in the Napa Valley: Because I love wine. And because Napa Valley.

# 18  Become a Yoga Ninja: I’m already on this one. I do yoga errryday for 60 minutes and I can feel myself getting stronger. That headstand is in sight! Maybe I’ll even do a teaching course and go to a few yoga retreats.

# 19 Fly First Class Somewhere: I know Craig would love this! Being tall does make travelling long-haul really uncomfortable. I feel like this is one thing a person has to try though.

# 20 Go on an Exciting Train Ride: There are so many! The more luxurious the better.

# 21 Stay in a Log Cabin: I feel like this is just a must living in Canada. Maybe it needs to be done both in winter and summer.

# 22 Go to Italy with Craig: I’ve been before, but I fell in love with the country and I cannot wait to go back. Rome & Positano especially!

# 23 Have my Dream Wedding & Actually Be His Bride: It’s not actually a “dream” wedding that I want per se, but rather my dream would be to just have a fun celebration with all our loved ones. Do the whole bridesmaid, bridal party thing and enjoy the whole process of getting married. This might not seem like a big deal to most, but to me, after giving up and sacrificing so much to move, all I want is this time to enjoy the fact that I get to marry the love of my life. (This needs more elaboration in a longer, much more personal post).

# 24 Get in the Best Shape of my Life & Do Another Photoshoot: In 2011, I decided to do a photoshoot. I’m hoping to do another soon – let’s hope I can kill it in the gym! Here’s a throwback to my 2011 shoot:

# 25 Get a Kitty: Craig and I have been wanting a little kitten of our own for TWO blady years. That’s a long time to hold off on a little ball of fluff. But you cannot make such decisions without a lot of thought and we needed to settle in Canada first because I didn’t want the cat to go through the stress of travelling. Let’s hope we will have a little bundle of fluff soon. (EDIT: We got Oliver in April 2017, & he’s completely stolen our hearts — photos below)

# 26 Go on Couple’s Holidays: Sometimes it’s just fun with more people. The more the merrier right? I know this can also make it difficult because who’s to say everyone will want to do the same thing, but I’m sure it adds to the fun of it all to have more people to explore with! (EDIT: We went to Los Angeles in April 2017 with our friends from Edmonton, Ryan & Teaan & we all had so much fun. Doubt it will be our last trip together! In fact, it won’t be. We are heading off to Greece in September 2017)

# 27 Learn to Take Amazing Photos: Now that I have this fancy-schmany camera, I’ll have to put it to good use. I want to capture moments of these bucket-life experiences to look back on and smile, knowing I did magical things in my lifetime.

# 28 Make Friends All Over the World: I’ve learnt that this is so important. Moving away from friends and loved ones has made me realise I have to be more open to meeting other people and widening my group of friends. I want us to make friends on our travels and more than that, make the effort to foster those friendships. There are a few people in my life that I admire who do this. They go out of their way to visit friends when they’re in the same city (or sometimes country). I hope I do this more (considering I already have best friends who have moved across the world).

# 29 Host Braais (barbeques) & Parties: This is really one for the pre-kids season. We need to maximise time now, before we have to worry about noise or occupying the little kids. But let’s hope, even when kids do come, we can continue entertaining and enjoying life. Not settling into any habits of sitting at home, doing nothing because it’s easier. Kids don’t have to put a hold on your life if you don’t let it.

# 30 Start a Business: Maybe the most ambitious of them all? But it’s always been my dream. If I haven’t started a business by now, let’s hope I’m well on my way to conquering the legal world (at least). And also, become a Canadian citizen. That is after all, the reason we moved. To no longer be a foreigner and to be able to come and go as we like, without worrying about immigration (that’d be nice).

What is on your bucket-list? Please let me know! Maybe I’ll have to add a few more to mine! 

Still dreaming of all the above,




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