Berlin | i31 Boutique Hotel Review

My process of booking a hotel is complex. It’s not just about one aspect such as price, location or comfort, but more of a combination. Booking our hotels for our most recent holiday to Europe was probably the most difficult. We were visiting three different countries in two weeks, which meant three different hotels. After scouring site after site, it all became a bit of a blur and I wasn’t sure what was what.

Never having been to Germany before, I knew nothing about the best location. I ended up booking this particular hotel because of it’s price and decor. Then, I consulted a German friend and she confirmed that Mitte is a good, central area to stay in. Luckily, Craig and I  left satisfied with our choice!

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Our Accommodation:

The hotel is located in an ideal spot, near a U-train and S-train. The decor was trendy and modern, much like Berlin in general.

Who should stay here?

We stayed as a couple for a predominantly touristy holiday, but it seems the hotel is just as popular for business travellers.

Which room should you stay in?

Some guests have complained that the street-facing rooms are loud and noisy. I would request a courtyard-facing hotel when you are booking.

Why will you love it?

Price: It’s great value for money! The hotel was one of the cheaper rates we could find and it was perfect for our stay. It felt like luxury at an affordable rate. Their buffet breakfast for € 17.50 was fresh and extensive. They even had gluten free bread and an option to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, included in the rate. For those with a smaller appetite, they do have French breakfast option for € 5.80 per person.

Hospitality & service: All the staff speak English and are friendly, which is important when you find it difficult to navigate a German-speaking city. The free mini bar (water and juice stocked daily) was also an advantage, especially after walking ±18kms in 30 degree heat everyday.

The decor: It’s modern yet inviting and for me, decor goes a long way.

Location: Being so close to the tram stations and subway stations meant that it was pretty easy to get everywhere.

Why you might not like it:

There isn’t much I didn’t like, except the coffee (like most places in Europe) was served with long-life (UHT?) milk. Other guests have criticised the breakfast as being slightly overpriced. If you’re wanting something small and cheap, a nearby cafe might be a better option (two days we walked to Distrikt).

Would we return?

Yes, if we ever found ourselves in Berlin (which is unlikely) we would stay here again.

Other hotel suggestions:

Another great option, similar in pricing is the 25hrs Hotel Bikini Berlin, another trendy and modern hotel located in the west near The Berlin Zoo, Tiergarten and KaDaWe (the main shopping mall).  We visited the Monkey Bar at this hotel for lunch and drinks. Check it out here.

Let me know whether you stay here and what you thought of it! Or do you have any other Berlin Hotel suggestions? Send them my way!

Dreaming of the next holiday,




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