#YEGweekly | District Cafe & Bakery

Nate Box, you glorious human. Thank you for bringing coffee culture to Edmonton. Not only did he open my new favourite spot in Downtown YEG, but he also opened Elm Café in Oliver, Burrow inside the Central LRT station and, the most recent addiction, the Little Brick Café in Riverdale.

Last weekend, we did Sunday the right way by showing up to this cafe as it opened at 9am, before the crowds arrived. By 10am, most of the tables had been taken and the place had a buzz to it.


We were there for brunch, but we are going back next time for cocktails. They have a happy hour between 4pm and 7pm and the cocktails menu is divine!

The breakfast was heavenly. Craig did moan about the small-ish portions, and I must admit, it also crossed my mind when the waitress brought over the plates, but my scrambled-egg with ham, cheddar & cauliflower definitely filled me up (Craig stole my sourdough, the gluten-thief). I left completely satisfied, excited to return.

They also have an array of baked goods which I didn’t even look at because (sadly) I knew there wouldn’t be anything gluten-free. The life struggle. If District brought out gluten-free options, I think I would be there pretty much every week. If you aren’t gluten-free, you should go baked-good-crazy here.


Let me know what you think of District by commenting below or you can keep up to date with me on Instagram. I’m always looking for new spots! Help me find my next #YEGweekly Favourite!

Legitimately gluten-free,



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15 thoughts on “#YEGweekly | District Cafe & Bakery

  1. Leigh, District and the other Nate Box locations are excellent! We’re very blessed these days to have a fantastic selection of local places to enjoy. Tonight I visited OTTO Food, where the owner makes homemade sausages and serves a great selection of beer and wine. Check out Local Omnivore, which smokes their own meat and has some great choices (around the corner from Linnea). Many, many more, although the gluten issue can reduce some choices!


  2. Honestly, I was underwhelmed by District – one of the worst coffees I had in Edmonton. But everyone gets to have a bad day, I guess. My favourites, after visiting just about every coffee shop in the city, were Iconoclast and Reinette Cafe and Patisserie in SE Edmonton. But that’s me.


    1. Their coffee isn’t my favourite in Edmonton. I’d rather go to Lock Stock or Coffee Bureau. But I do enjoy their breakfast and their vibe. I haven’t tried Iconoclast but everyone recommends it so it is on my list to try. Hadn’t even heard of Reinette Cafe so I’ll definitely check that out – thanks for letting me know about your favourites!


      1. Reinette is authentically French, so very different to the typically-trendy coffee shops. Authentic French patisseries, and good coffee. Good for chilling in a quiet, slow atmosphere – a very different vibe to your inner-city coffee spots.

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