#YEGweekly | Cafe Linnea

When you’ve been to the same restaurant for the past three weekends, it has to be this week’s favourite. It’s also a relatively new kid on the block, having opened sometime in August 2016. Cafe Linnea is the sister restaurant to the Edmonton institution, Duchess. While Cafe Linnea’s all day breakfast menu may reflect a similar french flare, it is wildly different to Duchess, Edmonton’s go-to pastry bake shop that looks like a little piece of Paris in Canada. The modern Cafe Linnea looks more like a Nordic Cafe with bright and fresh decor.

What I love about this restaurant is that the menu offers something completely different to the rest of Edmonton’s usuals. And trust me when I say, this isn’t the spot for you if you want the standard English Breakfast. I also love Cafe Linnea’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and I truly feel like it makes the food taste that much better.

Their buckwheat crêpe is my go-to, and it’s gluten-free! There are both sweet and savoury options, but my favourite is the Complete Galette: packed with their house ham, a miroir egg, gruyère, and a green salad – it’s hugely filling! That being said, the one day we got lucky and they had a sweet crêpe option: a blueberry orange crêpe with almond brittle and Grand Marnier, which was amazing! Here’s hoping they put it on their next menu!

Our new blueberry orange crêpe with almond brittle and Grand Marnier. #yegfood

A photo posted by Café Linnea (@cafelinnea) on Dec 29, 2016 at 8:51am PST

This last weekend, Craig had the scrambled duck egg special for the second time in a row and I seriously urge you to try this one out! I opted for the Mushroom Galette this time and I loved it. Slightly smaller than the Complete Galette, but just as satisfying.

BTW: They’re a no tipping establishment. The total price of the bill is all you pay. They’ve also just put out new items on their menu: Smoked Chicken Pot Pie, Warm Winter Salad, Swedish Meatballs and an Orange Chocolate Crêpe. I cannot wait to go try all of it!

TO DO IN #YEG:  Book a High Tea experience by reservation only on Sundays at 3pm & 3:30pm.

Let me know what you think of Cafe Linnea! Comment below or catch me on Instagram. I’m always looking for new spots! Help me find my next #YEGweekly Favourite!


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