Paris | The second time

We are still smitten with this city of love, so much so that we always find an excuse to spend a few days in Paris if we are heading in the direction of Europe. Our reason for travelling in September to Europe was for a friend’s wedding in Potsdam, Germany. We booked with KLM to Berlin, but broke our trip up by delaying our return flight from Amsterdam a few days so we could enjoy another European city!

Booking Flights:

TRAVEL TIP: Book with airlines to your final destination, instead of booking flights to your initial country of entry and then booking flights within Europe separately or after the fact.

We booked flights with KLM from Edmonton to Berlin, via Amsterdam. On our return we stayed in Amsterdam a few days, before taking our second return flight to Edmonton and thus saved on booking flights from Amsterdam to Berlin. We did, however, take a train to Paris from Amsterdam because it was relatively cheaper than booking a flight. The train ride went quickly and Craig and I got stuck into books for the 3 hour ride.

What to do in Paris on your second visit:

On our second trip to Paris, there were a few specific things we had wanted to do, having done the touristy things the first time.

A Relaxing Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings spent strolling around the Sorbonne area where we found this little-gem, the Shakespeare and Company Shop, and shopping up a storm! They have all the latest English books as well as some of the classics. This activity suits the vibe for a quiet, relaxing day exploring this exciting and cultural area of the city. There is also a little coffee shop next door, check it out, the coffee (from Cafe Lomi).

If You’re Feeling fancy

The Ritz Paris has only recently re-opened after being revamped and my word, is it extravagant! The restaurant was fully booked the Sunday we strolled into this slice of Paris history. So instead, we opted to head to the very back of the hotel, to their secluded and dim-lit bar. Out came our pre-bought books, thanks to Shakespeare and Company Shop (the struggles of finding English books in a French city), and so did some very strong cocktails.

The first time we went to Paris, we had the most magical afternoon tea at the Four Seasons George V. This time I was hoping for a more intimate, and romantic dinner with Craig, but we didn’t enjoy the menu at the Cinq, their three-Michelin star restaurant. So instead, we chose Le George, which offers light and modern Mediterranean-style cuisine designed for sharing. We went early and enjoyed a few cocktails in the courtyard. I raved about the High Tea and I cannot stop raving about this dinner experience. I am still so in love with this hotel and cannot wait until we return and actually stay here!

A Montmartre Morning

We got a caricature! Montmartre is one of favourite areas in Paris to stroll around. I was really hoping to get a caricature of Craig and I to put up in my office in our new home and I love the one we got! Each artist has their own style, but we found this guy with his own set up sitting in Place du Tertre. 14292255_10153792838240841_6626344226798864818_nNever go with any of the guys that come up to you hounding you with their drawing pads. They are generally a rip off. You can get a great one for less than 4o euros. Don’t pay a 100 euros!

Another Montmartre gem:  Breakfast on the hills of Montmartre on a grey morning at Hardware Société. Craig always makes love to his food, but he did not stop raving about his pork belly breakfast! To top of it off, he also described their hot chocolate “as better than Laduree’s”. Shocking I know! But being a Melbourne-based cafe, the food, while still rich like french cooking, was a tab bit on the health-trend side – so obviously, up our alley.

Breakfast at Hardware Societe


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