Banff | My game plan

When you head off to a destination for only 2-3 days, you really have to maximise the time that you have! I usually do this by over-planning. I always make calendars and lists of all the places I want to see and usually estimate a day and/or time to visit. While travelling never goes according to a rigid plan, it does help to give us a guide of how much time we will have so we aren’t rushing all over cities forgetting to actually enjoy the place!

One of the many things we intend doing with mom this weekend is taking her through to Banff and Lake Louise. Banff is so much more special to me than just a quick getaway. Last year, Craig proposed to me in Banff on Christmas night! So obviously this place will always be so special to me. But beyond that, I could not think of a more magical town during Christmas time.

Where did we stay: We got super lucky with accommodation. We booked at the Juniper Hotel for only 298 bucks for 2 nights! I know, what a bargain! The hotel looks pretty cosy to me and their bistro looks like a winner too. I think we will be doing a breakfast there. I just eyed the menu and already chose the smashed avo on gluten-free bread. Yes – gluten-free! I also JUST realised that they are in fact linked to my favourite breakfast place in Banff – Wild Flour Bakery!

Taken from The Juniper Hotel & Bistro Facebook Site

Before we even check-in to out hotel, we will head straight to Lake Louise for lunch at the Fairmont. Their sweet potato fries are so divine! Pretty much heading back just for those. Jokes, Mommy Bee will love to see this place. They usually set up an ice castle on the frozen lake and people skate or walk across it. There are also sleigh rides and I am so excited to go on one this time! I’ll be dressed for the north pole, that’s for sure. Plus, I’ll grab a hot chocolate for the ride 🙂

I have already booked for Grapes Wine Bar, and if you ever go to Banff, please do yourself a favour and book ahead too! The chef makes the most amazing charcuterie and cheese boards with all the toppings you can think of. It is a jam-packed full board and we’re going to devour it along with some expensive wine. Job done. Please don’t make the same mistake we did last time, don’t spoil your appetite beforehand, and also don’t plan on a full dinner elsewhere afterwards. These cheese and meat boards are worth a whole meal. Maybe even two.


If you have money to splurge, you won’t be sorry you spent it on a dinner at Eden at the Rimrock Hotel. That’s where we went on Christmas night, just before Craig proposed. The food was magical. So much so, that the dessert made Craig cry, it was so good. He is adamant that it wasn’t nerves about the imminent proposal – and I believe him, because my dessert was also heavenly. However, this won’t be on our to do list this time. Instead we will be returning to the Bear Street Tavern because we are all craving a pizza – and they do gluten-free!

If you’re wanting to stop somewhere for lunch or dinner in Canmore, I thoroughly recommend Crazy Weed. And their extensive wine menu is amazing.

Hope some of these suggestions help and please let me know if you have any others!

Freezing in Canada,




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