Paris | Hotel Secret de Paris Review

Paris is always a good idea. Always. 

Again, this is long overdue, as we stayed at Secret de Paris in November 2014.

Craig and I had been dreaming of Paris for a while. We had both decided we would be heading to Europe at the end of 2014 and Paris was the only place on our mind. So, while we did stop off in England on the way there, Paris was the real show-stopper, the main attraction and the city of our travel dreams. I know several people, who upon travelling to Paris, immediately become disillusioned by the city, but that was not the case with us. We fell even more in love. And I think that it was thanks to the amazing service we received at Secret De Paris. 

Our Accommodation: 

We stayed at a modern boutique design hotel tucked away in the Trinité quartier (arrondissement 9), in the heart of Paris and just a stroll from Montmarte (arrondisement 18).


I must say, I had been quite anxious about booking this hotel. A hotel can truly make your break your holiday. Craig had researched and decided on his own that this would be the hotel of the trip. My anxiety reached an all time high when I took to stalking people who had insta-tagged the hotel and then quizzed them, unashamedly, about their stay. All of them (surprisingly) replied happily to share their experiences and their raving reviews. This put my mind at ease.

After staying here, I have to agree with the reviews. The hotel was the perfect mix of luxury; good value for money and exemplary service (which is hard to come by in Paris unless you’re forking out for a 5 star). 

Why will you love it?

The petit hotel of only 29 rooms ensures perfect hospitality every single second of the day. The staff’s friendly, accommodating and helpful service honestly made our holiday. They helped whenever they could – printing directions, giving us outstanding dinner suggestions, booking reservations, etc. Definitely ask them where to eat! There is also easy metro access. If you are a “walker”, I think this hotel is pretty centralised. We walked everywhere, even to the Champs Elysees and Eiffel Tower (but took the metro back).

Who should stay here?

This mid-range, luxury boutique hotel is definitely catered more towards couples, and would probably be an ideal stop for business travellers too. The atmosphere is calm and most of the hotel is dimly-lit to add to the romantic feel of the hotel.

Which room should you stay in?


The rooms are decorated based on tourist attractions in Paris. Depending on how busy the hotel is, you can even take your pick from the lot. We spent the first few nights in the Opéra Garnier room, and after Disney we chose the Eiffel Tower room. Both were lovely, but I think the latter was my favourite of the two. The neutral greys are my vibe. However, if one were to ever feel like a spot of colour on a dull winter day, one could always ask the always-accommodating staff on hand to move you into the very red Moulin Rouge room, if available. Other themes include the Musée d’OrsayTrocadéro and an Artist’s Workshop.

What you might not like: The rooms are small-ish, which is typical of Paris hotel rooms, but we didn’t mind this. That being said, with big travel bags, you may not have any space in the room. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the glass, transparent door between the room and the bathroom leaving you no privacy to go to the bathroom. While the design feature looks beautiful, opening up the room to look a little bigger, it may not work for friends travelling together or people like me, that prefers not to let my partner see me on the toilet. Also, I do wish that they had coffee facilities in the room (as should all hotels). If any of these are deal breakers to you, I would recommend choosing alternative accommodation as the odd guest has been disappointed with this on TripAdvisor.

Don’t miss out on:

Breakfast in bed – it’s the best. We had a slow Sunday morning, post Disneyland, with this tray served to our room. 


By the way, this hotel is also currently ranked #16 on Tripadvisor hotels in Paris. I feel like we found this winner of a hotel before anyone even knew it – it truly is the secret of Paris. We loved it, and we would return. 

Still madly in love with Paris,







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