Calgary | A Foodie Weekend

Who knew Calgary would be such a foodie city? I sure as hell didn’t. That being said, it was all completely and utterly worth every single bite. I had some of the best food I’ve had in a while, most of it all on one street – 17th ave! How’s that for making it easy?

So we’ve done Calgary twice before, both of which were fly-by visits. This time we wanted to make sure we spent a good amount of time in the city. So we spent three whole days (unintentionally) stuffing our faces. Whoops. Needless to say, I don’t think I could blog about anything other than the food you should try.

Here’s the foodie weekend intake restaurant by restaurant:

Philosafy Coffee, 632 17th Ave – Coffee shops will ALWAYS be thrown into the mix with us. Always. This newbie on 17th is such a vibe. We pitched up early Saturday morning to a few early risers (no one really gets up until 9:30am in Calgary) and both opted for cappuccinos. While I had high hopes for this place, the coffee was waaaay too milky (or coffee too weak?). Nonetheless, it was still a cool hangout on an early and rainy, grey morning. This place gets PACKED in the evening as it’s open until 11pm (as all coffee shops should be!) Check it out:


Kaffeeklatsch, 223 12th Ave SW – This little spontaneous coffee shop was cute, but not a place to stop and really take in the view. Who knows how to pronounce this? ˈkäfēˌkläCH,-ˌklaCH,ˈkôfē. Not me. But the name means ‘an informal social gathering at which coffee is served’, and that’s exactly what it is. The little coffee shop is actually a barista working out of a closet in this mismatch building of Non-Profit Organisations. This is the sign that enticed us off the street!

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Jelly Modern Doughnuts, 100 1414 8th St SW – If you take anything away from this blog post, take this. These doughnuts were honestly the best part of my cheat weekend. So much so, we went back TWICE! TWO DOUGHNUTS IN ONE WEEKEND. Talk about go big or go home. But I literally could not imagine not having them again for months on end. Yes, they’re basically edible happy drugs and I am fully addicted. I am gluten-free, and let’s be real, gluten-free never tastes as good as the real thing. SO imagine my surprise when it was actually better than Craig’s non-GF doughnut. Yes, he taste tested both and concluded that the gluten-free chocolate doughnut was the winner. Only after we found this place did we realise it was listed as one of the top 25 things to eat in Calgary PLUS it featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” and seriously, you gotta!

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Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery, 728 17th Ave – This place couldn’t have had a better opening weekend. It was packed all weekend and rocked quite a line in the evening so much so that I was convinced that there was some club in the back that I didn’t know about. Who would even queue that long for dinner? These crazy guys in Calgary would! We opted for a late afternoon lunch, when it was a bit quieter, so no queue for us. Despite being so busy, this vibey restaurant and brewery ensures a high standard service – so much so that they refuse to seat anyone until their kitchen is on top of their orders (HI-5 on this). The waitresses, bartenders and manager were at our beck and call and it was great. While this is the typical starting-out-restaurant-eager-attitude, I do hope they keep it up (but I do have a good feeling about them). It’s always a treat to eat out at a place like this. We WILL be back next time we’re in Calgary! Obviously, this divine burger special below (which comes with a starter soup too), was the best thing EVER post-BLANCO-margarita-hangover. And a Gluten-free bun OBVS!

But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out their menu online:

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The Village Ice Cream, 431 10th Avenue SE – We had this ridiculous craving post-Shakespeare on the Bow (which by the way, you must do! Check their twitter) at 9pm for ice cream (as if we hadn’t just eaten the whole of 17th avenue the whole weekend). Craig found this place by chance on a quick google search. We rocked up at the closest location and found a LOOOOONG line. I was so shocked that I actually asked a few people in the line why it was so long. Their response “because it’s worth” left us with no other choice, we had to get it! The salted-caramel is the bomb.

Don’t leave this off your foodie schedule:

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Una Pizza was also a favourite. Actually it was THE favourite, but it was knocking on midnight when we decided to go here and we were starving so that food disappeared before I could even take a picture. The prawns were out of this world and Craig loved his pizza. Dying to go back here!

Short and sweet I know, but I had to share the foodie suggestions. Let me know if you try any of these, or if you have any other foodie suggestions for this city!




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