Website is LIVE!

Come check out the brand-spanking NEW Website which is now LIVE! 🙂 Click here to view it. A new series is starting tomorrow so be sure to check it out. It’s called #SundaySpotlight and I’ll be sharing a trendy new hotel I found in Brooklyn, New York. Can’t wait to hear what you think of… Continue reading Website is LIVE!


Round Up | March 2017

March was one of those months that flew by under the radar. Especially on the blogging front. While I could write a whole blog post dedicated to the difficulties of the past month, I’d rather not bore you. Let’s just simplify it: it was tough. I am missing home (South Africa) so much and our… Continue reading Round Up | March 2017

Edmonton | Foodie Scenes to Try

This is my Edmonton Foodie To-do List! With new places opening up nearly every week (lately), I am barely keeping up! Here’s what I’m dying to try: Breakfast/Brunch: Cafe Mosaics (Vegetarian/vegan on Whyte Ave) District Cafe & Bakery (Downtown) Cafe Linnea Canteen (Only on weekends on 124th Street) Little Brick Cafe/Coffee Shop: Lock Stock Coffee… Continue reading Edmonton | Foodie Scenes to Try

Italy on Tour | Dinner in the Chianti Hills in Tuscany

Ever had dinner in the Chianti Hills? Well, you should. Chianti is located between Florence and Siena. I loved driving through the medieval towns and picturesque rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves, to reach our dinner destination, Ristorante I tre pini. We were welcomed with blue champagne (which looked odd but tasted great) and live… Continue reading Italy on Tour | Dinner in the Chianti Hills in Tuscany

Italy on Tour | Venice in Photos

If you haven’t already checked out the Rome blog post, check it out here. Venice: Venice, funny enough, wasn’t it was all cracked up to be – granted, we were hot, feet sore, budget tight & we could not avoid queues or crowds wherever we went. I truly believe that I need to return to fully make… Continue reading Italy on Tour | Venice in Photos